Electrical Work

Some say there are no “real” electricians in Thailand, we say they may be few and far between but you’ve just found them. We have a long experience in electrical work and we hire the best electricians we can find. Our staff has experience and education as real electricians; we do quality work that is up to standards and will last over time.

No job is too small, nor is any job too big. We can do everything from installing a new electrical system for a large-scale project to replacing your light bulb. The most important thing for us is that the installation is well done and safe to use.

The state of the electrical installations in Thailand is for the most part very sad. Cables too thin, the fuses are to highly rated and worst of all, it’s not grounded. More than 27% of all work related accidents are electrical accidents, and almost every week someone dies from electrical exposure or house burns down due to electrical fault.

Less than 5% of all homes in Thailand have a proper grounding system and even less than that have a ground fault breaker. A simple device that would save most people from fatal injuries. We don’t skip on these small things, we don’t cut corners, and we use quality materials to make sure that safety is never compromised just for saving a few baht.

No matter if you have a small condo, a house or an industrial facility, we can do a full survey to give you an idea of the current state of your system. Many times in newer developments the electrical system may be fine, but missing a few components to make it complete, ground fault breakers for instance.

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