Painting / Gypsum ceiling

We have over thirty years of experience with paint work and all kinds of internal and external painting work. We are experienced working with all kinds of wall decorations including wallpapers, wall fiber and spray profile. With spray profile we can produce many different kind of patterns and make the walls have more than just color. We have very skilled and experienced painters that and produce beautiful and amazing results every time, we can make you walls smooth as silk or textured to your liking. Using only the best material we produce a result that will last and looks just right.

Not only do we do painting, but we do gypsum ceilings and walls, we do styrofoam ceiling moldings and all kinds of work with designing and improving the look and design before painting. We build modern and beautiful ceiling boxed with amazing color lighting for the right effect, or with strong and bright lighting for that perfect event light around the room.

If you need advice on picking the right paint, colors or just some general design tips, just give us a call a book a meeting. We will bring some samples, take at the work and give you the benefit of our long experience in the industry.

Internal Painting Spray plasters profile Skim coated walls Styrofoam moldings
External Painting Wallpaper Wall fiber Gypsum Ceilings